Rutile-Fesh is an ex-mercenary captain, having retired with wealth and resources.

Description: Rutile-Fesh is a dense and hairy man. He has a rough exterior, scars on his face with tufts of black hair growing off either side of his chin. He towers at 7 feet tall and when you look at his iris-less eyes, you realize he's not human, or is very mutated. His eyes are set far apart and there are two more pairs of them, smaller, running up his forehead.

His torso is bare and across his shoulders and on the upper part of his back you can see a strange, dark purple mat of sort of wiry fur or like tiny blades of overlapping furred skin, like the shape of large overlapping scaled armor, though it doesn't look tough.

He is building a new city Sigil, a monument to the Ninth World


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