Solo Numenera


Thren had a series of strange dreams in which she remembered possible aspects of her life, and identity. One memory was of a bar-fight in which Thren stabbed a larger man.

Upon awaking, she discovered she was in a cell, and had no real memory of who she was. She met Yonda, a fellow cell mate. From her she learned what her name was, where she was and a general sense of the situation. They were being held prisoner for crimes against the town. She learned about 'the device' which 'fixes' criminals. Yonda claims she is not affected by the device, and so her sentence can not be minimized by being operated on.

Thren learned that the device seems to have malfunctioned. It is not meant to wipe all of a person's memories, only fix the criminality. The guard, Djiari and The Warden (unnamed) also learn of this. Thren's encounter with The Warden seems to upset him and cause some alarm. He puts off her release until the next day.

The next day, Thren awakes while being buried in a coffin by Djiari. Djiari helps her escape. Thren makes her way up the prison wall, where she is spotted by a patrol of guards, leaps across  to the roof to the other side and finally races away from the prison and up a tree, losing the provided stun-stick and all of her clothing along the way. 

At the top of the tallest tree in the forest, naked and alone, without her memories, she at least has her freedom.


thepolypusher thepolypusher

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